After 61 Years of Marriage, Couple Finally Gets Wedding Photos Snapped in Up-Themed Shoot

December 23, 2013

By RF Staff

When a Boston couple got stood up by their wedding photographer over 60 years ago, they may have thought they'd never get the wedding photos they deserved. But that all changed when a family member, who also happens to be an events planner, recently arranged for them to have a unique wedding shoot to celebrate their 61st anniversary.


All photos © Cambria Grace

Lauren Wells, who runs Lauren Wells Events, helped organize the wedding shoot for her husband's grandparents, Nina and Gramps, as a holiday present. Wells enlisted the help of photographer Cambria Grace for the shoot, which took place on the Old Northern Avenue Bridge in Boston.


UpAnniversary-82-650x973"They have been married 61 years, have never taken their rings off, remain the best of friends, and have just one picture from their wedding day…[because]…their photographer stood them up!" Wells says about the happy couple, adding that she used the animated film Up as the theme partly because "Gramps is always wearing a bow tie" like the movie's main character.



The decision to use balloons in the shoot was also something of a lucky coincidence. "To be honest, I had a wedding the evening prior that called for over 40 brilliant colored balloons for the cocktail hour," Wells says. "I didn't want to see them go to waste, so I wanted to use them in a shoot the following day. Up immediately came to mind, and the theme seemed like a perfect fit!"

UpAnniversary-39-650x973The old bridge was chosen as a location because they wanted the shoot to have an industrial feel with city views of Boston in the background. The floral design was done by Wild Folk Studio and the vintage props came from Pop & Circumstance.

UpAnniversary-17-650x973 UpAnniversary-43-650x973To capture these wonderful photos, Grace used two Nikon D600 digital SLRs and 85mm and 35mm lenses. After the images appeared on the wedding blog Style Me Pretty, they quickly went viral on the Internet, turning up on Fox News Insider and other online locations.

UpAnniversary-24-650x973 UpAnniversary-61-650x973 UpAnniversary-116-650x973UpAnniversary-89-650x973

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