July/August 2018

The International Weddings Issue

© Weddings by Qay

When it came time to shoot portraits of bride Yaya Zahir—a Malaysian actress, interior designer, model, TV host and broadcast journalist—Kuala Lumpur-based photographer Qay wanted to keep things “clean and minimalist,” he says. “This was taken in an alley near her house. I decided to shoot there as the lighting condition was beautiful during the day,” and as an added bonus, Qay says he had another “huge white wall” right behind him that doubled as a reflector to bounce the soft light across the frame.

In Rf‘s International Weddings Issue, read about Qay’s stylistic approaches for weddings, how he stays relevant in his local market and how two other photographers, living in their paradisiacal home bases, have done the same. You’ll also find tons of travel tips, backup plans when things go awry (and they always do, as several destination shooters attest), a roundup of the best travel bags, apps and storage solutions, a gallery of our favorite destination images, secret getaways to add to your bucket list and so much more.

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