Adding Dimension and Personality to Photos of Wedding Invitations, by Jasmine Star [RF Video of the Week]

April 24, 2015

By RF Staff

When it comes to thinking about all the photos you need to take during a couple's wedding day, the invitation shots are likely the last to come to mind—but nearly every bride expects them to be part of her photo package. Putting careful thought into how you arrange these kinds of shots goes a long way.

The key to taking interesting and personal photos of wedding invitations is preparation. Jasmine Star has learned that it's much easier to email the bride ahead of time, requesting copies of all of the wedding invitation components that make up what's commonly referred to as the invitation suite. As soon as she's arrived and greeted the couple, Jasmine gets right to arranging and shooting. Here are three tips she's learned to keep in mind:

1. Curate and find the right details to add — focus on creating texture and depth, and be as resourceful as possible with what's around (a flower from a bouquet, for example).

2. Find the best light — this goes without saying, but Jasmine suggests open shade or reflective light for a more classic look.

3. Find a suitable background — especially one that somehow matches and reflects the wedding theme, the invitations themselves and/or the bride's esthetic. Avoid patterns that might clash.

Check out the video to see how Jasmine pulls it all together, as well as what kind of camera settings she suggests to get the look you're going for.

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