WPPI Speaker Spotlight: Amanda Holloway

February 2, 2017

By Interview by Stacey Goldberg

© Amanda Holloway

It’s no surprise that there are some big changes this year at WPPI, most notably the new venue (the Las Vegas Convention Center) and expanded show floor. But that’s not all that’s new—attendees looking at the presentation lineup will see that it is packed with new speakers from across the globe, all ready and willing to share their unique perspectives and expertise. Here, we interviewed new speaker Amanda Holloway to learn more about her upcoming PLUS class.

Amanda Holloway 
PLUS Class: Pixel Pushing: Using the Sales Funnel to Psychologically Motivate Higher Sales
February 5, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

How can photographers of different backgrounds and genres benefit from the lessons in your presentation?
This course will appeal to photographers who want to comprehend why clients spend their money the way they do, and how we can control their spending by applying it to our business with intentional methods in marketing, pricing and in-person sales. Most photographers price themselves without understanding all of the factors that go in to making a profit. Understanding generational differences in our target markets, and how we can use those to leverage what we know about consumerism, will aid photographers ultimately through to the actual sale of products.

What is an example of a generational buying habit that you’ve experienced?
Today’s seniors want a digital product while their parents value tangible products for their home. To feed into this split, I have separated my tangible products from my digital products in my collections until you reach the top option. With this structure, the only way that the senior and parent can both get what they want is if they purchase the top collection, where I offer a specialty product credit so that the client can choose exactly what they want. My most popular products are canvas collections, albums, collages, senior yearbooks and, of course, graduation announcements. Clients can pick from those and, in the top collection, it also comes with the digital products, like a gold/glass thumb drive, for example. This ensures a high-end sale almost every time. Understanding what your clients want and crafting those specific applications to your business can give you an advantage unlike anything else.

Photo © Amanda Holloway

What was your favorite class in high school and why?
AH: Economics. I’ve always loved observing correlations in money and the psychology of consumerism. I completely fell in love with microeconomics because it had so much more to do with the individual’s brain rather than the community as a whole, like in macroeconomics. I’ve always been fascinated by human psychology and wealth so the two went hand in hand in that class.

Amanda Holloway is an award-winning high school senior photographer serving The Woodlands and Greater Houston, Texas, as well as an industry educator specializing in straight-forward and detailed business strategies and techniques. 

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