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On Quality & Career Longevity: Bambi Cantrell Sticks to Gear She Can Truly Rely On To Achieve Her Creative Vision

May 10, 2018

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Photo © Bambi Cantrell

This image was captured as part of a series of images for Today’s Bride magazine. Cantrell chose the theme “Flower Power” for the session, and commissioned a local artist to create the large paper flowers that hung on the wall behind the bride. As complex as the background was, the posing, lighting and gown choice needed to be simple, reflecting Cantrell’s personal aesthetic.

Bambi Cantrell

Bambi Cantrell has some words of wisdom for young photographers: “Don’t apologize.” It’s a lesson she’s learned from her 30 years as a successful wedding and portrait photographer. Today, Cantrell knows what she wants, and she doesn’t compromise to achieve her goals.

Her steadfast yet thoughtful attitude extends across all facets of her business. Years of experience bring knowledge of the best equipment and modifiers for a given shoot, and Cantrell insists she only uses the highest quality gear that she knows won’t fail her or her client’s vision.

That doesn’t mean her studio is full of extraneous tools; rather, she prefers a simple and considered setup for a “nice and clean” look, she says. This allows her the mental space to focus on perfecting her shots.

“I don’t shoot super fast. I don’t shoot in extreme weather conditions,” she explains. “I’m a really simple girl when it comes to the way I capture—I get right down to business.” That’s why she can usually accomplish the shot she sets out for in only three or four captures.

To capture this photo, part of a series of images for Today’s Bride magazine, she opted for a single light source with a reflector, shooting it with her Nikon D4S and a SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash card, mounted with a 24-70mm zoom lens.

Part of her success, Cantrell says, is valuing her own time and her work—part of her “no apologies” ethos. This means that she only uses the best quality gear. “I use really good equipment. I take care of my equipment—I don’t abuse it. I’m thoughtful about the way I photograph.”

And the cornerstone of any shoot is the reliability of the capture, she says, so she uses SanDisk memory cards for all of her shoots. “The SanDisk products allow me to capture quickly and they’re extremely reliable. I never have to worry or even think about whether I’ll have a successful capture or not—I know I’m going to get great images without any kind of issue.” This is something, she says, that contributes to her confidence on set.

She’s also aware of supporting companies that give back to the community. “Not only does SanDisk have the best products, it’s a company that also embraces the photo community,” she says. An advocate for emerging photographers and an educator on the business of photography, Cantrell believes photographers should know their worth and make sure their talents are valued. From there, it’s important to “buy the best products that will give you a long career in this business,” she says. “Then you’ll never have any apologies.”

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