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Print is the New Promotion

March 22, 2017

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DNP's DS-RX1HS printer.

How DNP printers help clients use their photo booth prints as marketing tools.

Most photo booth companies have their process down to a science: when a client needs a booth to liven up an event, equipment is set up, photos are snapped, and guests come away with a memory of their evening they can hold onto.

But think about what happens next: those photos are posted to Instagram or tacked to the fridge. Hundreds of friends and followers see them, presenting a golden marketing opportunity—the ability to brand each print.

While clients may consider their photo prints only as takeaway gifts for attendees, DNP has designed printers that allow them to expand their thinking. With a range of options, DNP printers not only print photo keepsakes, but also serve a dual purpose as hardworking PR machines.

Photo Booth Dallas, for instance, wastes no opportunity to brand itself at private and corporate events. “We print our company website on every single print,” says CEO Josh Pather. “[The photo print is] not just a keepsake, but in a sense, it’s a business card for potential customers.” With 20 DNP RX1 printers currently in rotation, Photo Booth Dallas’ marketing efforts have paid off—the company supplies booths to 700 events per year and clients constantly ask what types of printers they use. “We proudly let them know we’ve used DNP for over three years and they are long-lasting, efficient printers that have endured thousands of events.”

While a company logo- or website-tagged print is a simple and effective way to promote yourself, some photo booth companies have taken DNP printers a creative step further.

Long Island-based Super Booth Inc. uses DNP’s DS-RX1HS to give clients a unique photo print takeaway—the printer has the ability to print on pre-perforated paper. Super Booth’s vice president, Augie Teodoro, says that with perforated prints, “we can offer clients the ability to attach a voucher or coupon that their customers can tear-off and redeem. The perforated edge has been a tremendous selling point for us and it wouldn’t be possible without a DNP printer.”

DNP’s range of branding capabilities can also be customized for high-profile clientele that demand unique solutions. International photo booth company, Photos in a Minute, has first-hand experience creating custom photographs as marketing products for clients like HBO, Fox and Microsoft.

In a business that Photos in a Minute founder Scott Proposki calls “Phototainment,” DNP has made high quality, high speed prints seamless with its DS40 and DS80 printers. As part of the recent sponsor event for a professional football franchise, Photos in a Minute was brought in to develop autographed player photos as special gifts—these were printed using DNP’s DS40 and given to sponsors and guests as souvenirs.

“The prints we deliver are not only promotional tools for the brands we work with, but they also showcase our capabilities to potential customers,” explains Proposki. “DNP printers have proven to be valuable asset in our daily operations as well as our ability to garner new business.”

With today’s social sharing and the digital spread of information, promotional prints can drive a business forward and set a brand apart. DNP understands this unique opportunity, and responds with a range of creative options that allow clients to truly shine amongst the competition.

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