The Judges

Meet the Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars team, each of whom combed through this year’s entries submitted from all over the world. The editors at Rf and a group of industry tastemakers nominated the 200+ photographers to submit their carefully selected work. While the judges here were hard-pressed to choose a list of just 30 winners, in the end what emerged was a strong list of incredibly talented stars.


    Looking at gorgeous wedding photography never gets old for the editor-in-chief of Rangefinder. Having worked in the photo industry for almost three decades, Jacqueline Tobin is thrilled to witness the evolution of the genre over time. She only wishes she could choose everyone who submits—because in her eyes, they are all stars!


    This is Libby Peterson’s third time coordinating and judging the 30 Rising Stars, her favorite time of year at Rangefinder. As the magazine’s features editor, she loves being surprised by the fresh perspectives from rising talent and looks forward to seeing how they shape the wedding photography industry in years to come.


    With a second year of judging the 30 Rising Stars under her belt, Rangefinder art director Kelly Holodak is blown away by this year’s 30 Rising Stars submissions. Demonstrating impressive range and originality that is truly ahead of the curve, she says, they have proven to be an unstoppable force that is setting the pace for modern wedding photography.


    As the director of Creative Services at PDN and Rangefinder, Moneer Masih-Tehrani has looked over thousands of contest entries over the years. A member of the 30 Rising Stars jury for a second year, she felt privileged, honored and thrilled to take part in the process.


    As the editor of PDNedu and Emerging Photographer magazines, Jacqui Palumbo is always on the hunt for talented new photographers. A newcomer to the 30 Rising Stars jury this year, she loved reviewing the work and crossing cubicles to collaborate with the Rangefinder team.