RF Wedding of the Week: Vintage-Style Wedding in Estonia (!) by Stina Kase

May 2, 2014

By RF Staff

Situated just on top of Latvia and separated by the Gulf of Finland from Helsinki, Tallinn, Estonia, is photographer Stina Kase's home base, but it's certainly not her only market.

Kase's gorgeous, often vintage-inspired fashion, portrait and wedding images have allowed her to travel for shoots in France, Italy, Norway and Sweden, giving her portfolio a truly international feel.

EE__0539EE__0477For the wedding of Elis and Ergo, however, Kase stayed close to home, photographing at an Estonian manor called Porkuni where the couple first met 12 years ago. Although the manor had since closed to the public, as Kase says, "They overcame all the obstacles to make their perfect day happen."

EE__1218_5EE__0126 EE__0156 EE__0118 EE__0114 EE__0180 EE__0464EE__0258 EE__0209 EE__0507 EE__0183Although many of Kase's images from this shoot look like old tintypes or collodion processesing, that's just the beauty of modern technology. "I used a Canon 5D Mark II, and my favorite lenses are Canon 50mm f/1.2 and 35mm f/1.4," Kase says. "Most of my Photoshop gets done in camera RAW and I'm using VSCO actions. I must say, I just love these: They make my workflow much easier and it's cool to experiment with colors."

EE__0550 EE__0562 EE__0607 EE__0615Kase says many of the details and decorations were made by the bride herself, and as with every wedding, the photographer stuck to her classic approach: "My photography style is a very natural and unobtrusive. I strive to creatively document the true essence of [a] wedding day. To me all those small moments that go past in a flash are priceless—the laugh, the tear, anticipation in your look, the nervous smile are ones that you will back in years to come with joy."

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To see more of Stina Kase's work, visit her website. To submit a Wedding of the Weekemail Jessica Gordon.