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RF Wedding of the Week: Cristina and Scott by Katie Osgood

August 23, 2013

By RF Staff

I recently caught up with wedding and portrait photographer Katie Osgood. The New York City-based photographer works hard, and it shows: The first year she was in business (2010), she was a second shooter or primary shooter in a whopping 40-something weddings; in 2011 she shot 35; in 2012, 36; and this year she's booked for 33.

The following wedding—photographed at the beautiful Metropolitan Building warehouse in Long Island City, NY—features plenty of vintage details to complement the bride's bright, red wedding dress:



"Cristina and Scott met on a camping trip with a group of mutual friends," says Osgood. "From what I understand, it was kinda love at first sight. Scott saw Cristina, and from that point on they were together. Also, these two were absolutely giddy to marry each other. They made it easy, I just had to stick them in front of the camera and they did the rest."



"Cristina's mother passed away 8 years ago so there were a lot of photos of her; I thought that was pretty cool. People often mention a parent if they've passed in a speech or something but rarely do I see them represented for the rest of the guests to see."


"Honestly, this was a pretty emotional wedding to shoot. Not only because Cristina's mom wasn't there, there was just so much love in that room. I think I shed tears 2 or 3 times. At one point I was thinking, 'shit, this job is intense sometimes.' Often I just show up and shoot and other times (like this day) it's like watching a movie. You get involved, the emotions fill the room and almost become tangible. You can't help but experience it with everyone else."






"I keep my equipment list pretty minimal. I used two bodies and three lenses— a Canon 5D MKIII, an original 5D, 50mmL, 24mmL and 135mmL. For the party and dancing I used one 580EXII flash both on-and-off-camera depending on what I felt was appropriate."






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