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Warm Days in Provence [RF Wedding of the Week]

November 10, 2015

By RF Staff

As the weather cools down here in New York, husband and wife photography duo Hanni & Marcus (of TroiStudios Photography in Berlin and Provence) spread the warmth with this simple but lovely private ceremony between Sebastien and Markus in the "beautiful but very hidden Mas de Boutonnet in Maussane les Alpilles between Arles and Avignon, right in the middle of a natural park called Alpilles," Hanni explains.


All Photos © TroiStudios Photography

Hanni says the first thing she and Marcus stumbled upon in the morning was a heart-shaped carved stone (above) lying on a remote field somewhere on the property. "We're still wondering how it got there."

same-sex-wedding-Provence-124same-sex-wedding-Provence-130same-sex-wedding-Provence-128"The civil marriage took place in Brussels a couple of weeks before," she adds, "but for their family and friends they had a French garden wedding with slight pinches of so called 'vintage' [plates and beautiful vases from thrift stores], Belgian and German influences [i.e. Belgian and German beer] and DIY additions [like the dance floor, built entirely by Marcus and his brother the night before the wedding]. Markus and Sebastien's best friend played piano on the lawn accompanied by singing guests. A better summer mood is not imaginable than the one we experienced at this wedding. The food came from local butchers, gardeners and chefs and was freshly prepared on location."

same-sex-wedding-Provence-131It was a real outdoor event, complete with spiders crawling around in the olive tree grove, but Hanni and Marcus overlooked them and instead focused on the perfect summer day with, they say, "very special Provencal light and awesome people everywhere. Photography heaven."

same-sex-wedding-Provence-115same-sex-wedding-Provence-40same-sex-wedding-Provence-47same-sex-wedding-Provence-45same-sex-wedding-Provence-50same-sex-wedding-Provence-52same-sex-wedding-Provence-101same-sex-wedding-Provence-92same-sex-wedding-Provence-64same-sex-wedding-Provence-70"Everybody was so relaxed and at the same time on an emotional high," Hanni describes. "We could sense that something important was going to happen and one could feel the happiness everybody shared with Markus and Sebastien getting married and how important this step for them was. Especially during the ceremony when fathers, brothers and friends were holding speeches… We couldn't hold back tears."

same-sex-wedding-Provence-61same-sex-wedding-Provence-60same-sex-wedding-Provence-77same-sex-wedding-Provence-78same-sex-wedding-Provence-83same-sex-wedding-Provence-91same-sex-wedding-Provence-140same-sex-wedding-Provence-29same-sex-wedding-Provence-177same-sex-wedding-Provence-182same-sex-wedding-Provence-159same-sex-wedding-Provence-184So what did Hanni and Marcus love most from their coverage? They agree that "the two best friends dressing up as '80s brides and opening the dance floor will stay a definite all-time favorite of ours."


"We also loved the intimate, calm atmosphere that permeated through the couple and their friends, and we are eternally grateful to the fabulous wedding planner, Muriel Saldalamacchia, for recommending us to the couple."

Day-of Gear:

Cameras: Canon 5D Mark IIs

Prime lenses: Canon 35 mm f/1.4, Canon 135 mm f/2.0, Canon 85 mm f/1.8, Canon 50 mm f/1.2

Flashes: Canon Speedlights 580 EX

Memory cards: Sandisk Extreme 16 Gb

Car: Volvo 940 station wagon royal blue metallic


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