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Easygoing Berkeley Nuptials, Captured by Former Photojournalist Kris Holland [RF Wedding of the Week]

February 11, 2016

By RF Staff

Often times it seems photographers start shooting weddings and expand their portfolio, maybe going on to shoot family portraits, headshots, even commercial and editorial work. Kris Holland, based in Sacramento, California, went the opposite direction; beginning first as a photojournalist shooting for such places as the Los Angeles TimesThe Washington Post and The Seattle Times, among others, before eventually finding himself in the wedding photography industry. And it shows; this guy's got photojournalism running through his veins.


All photos © Kris Holland Photography

"On your wedding day, you won’t see me doing a lot of pointing and directing," he says. "You won’t hear me bark orders. You won’t have to redo anything or slow down just so I can get the shot. My approach is different. On your wedding day, all you have to do is be yourself. It’s really that simple."

Take, for instance, this low-key wedding between couple Sabrina and Ben, shot in Berkeley. It's clear Holland takes a much more observational approach, although that's not to say that his perspective is removed or distant from the joys of the day.

"From day one I felt like I was working with good friends," he says, "and having that level of comfort with clients always translates into better images. They were looking for a photographer to document their day naturally by capturing candid moments in an artistic way, which fits my style perfectly."


It also helps when the day is set to be a fairly relaxed one from the get-go. "The day started with a leisurely brunch as they slowly began getting ready together," Holland explains, "and they wrote and exchanged intimate vows at the Oakland Nature Friends property overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area and followed up the ceremony with an Oompa band and hearty celebration. It was an awesome day filled with quiet moments and belly laughs."

I particularly love Holland's usage of black and white, especially when the shadows from the surroundings cast some funky shapes across the scene—it gives those photos a timeless quality, sure, but it also adds a certain dreaminess, too.


Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lenses: Canon 35mm, 50mm and 85mm

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