Wedding of the Week

Bay Area Bliss, by Jonas Seaman

August 2, 2017

By Jacqueline Tobin

Photo © Jonas Seaman Photography

We all know how special the wedding day is for the bride and groom, but it can also be a very momentous occasion for the wedding photographer. One particularly poignant shoot for Jonas Seaman was that of same-sex couple Michele and Lorena's nuptials. "It's a story that takes us through two days in California," Seaman explains, "from the couple's foggy, rainy outdoor ceremony at Point Reyes to a club party in San Francisco’s Mission District. It was there that it was officially announced that Michele was pregnant!"

All Photos © Jonas Seaman Photography

He continues: "Now, more than ever, I am thankful for the small strides our country has taken towards equality. I feel so lucky to be capturing same-sex weddings. It’s hard to believe I was photographing weddings like this before they were legal, and I’ve only been doing this for a handful of years."

Seaman says having the wedding split up into two days of story was really great for him and his wife, Mary (also his second shooter). "We love capturing environments and this wedding provided so much, not only in terms of differing terrain, but in weather conditions as well."

Day One involved the ceremony and lots of rain, Seaman says. "We knew there would be the possibility of rain so we came prepared. We also consulted with Lorena and Michele a few weeks prior, and they were open to our ideas for what they could do on their end. We suggested investing in a couple dozen clear umbrellas. One pet peeve that Mary and I always face during rainy outdoor ceremonies is that everybody is hidden under dark or colored umbrellas. Not just the guests, but also the couple and officiant! This is just plain horrible for photography. Our subject’s faces end up completely shaded or color cast. With clear umbrellas, everybody can still take cover from the rain, but also keep their faces in nice light for pictures. When Michele and Lorena pulled up with their guests, I was so happy to see the dozens of clear umbrellas they had brought with them."            
Day Two took Seaman and company to San Francisco. "We were able to get up to the outlook at Twin Peaks for some establishing shots of the city skyline. San Francisco holds such an important place in Michele and Lorena’s lives and relationship. I was excited to surprise them with these extra images of the place they call home."                   

While walking around the Mission District together for portraits, Seaman and his couple were all walking down an alley full of graffiti art when they saw a painting of a woman up on the side of a building. "Underneath her face, she was labeled 'Goddess Of Fertility,' he explains. "This felt like the perfect moment for our portrait session, only a few hours away from their announcement to friends and family that they’re pregnant. Looking back now, it’s especially moving as my Instagram feed currently has been filled with images of the two of them and their baby boy.



Cameras: Canon 5D Mark IIIs

Lenses: Jonas was shooting with a Canon 24mm f/1.4L, 35mm f/1.4L, and 45mm Tilt-Shift lens. Mary was shooting with a 50mm f/1.2L lens.


Second Shooter: Mary Ellen Williamson

Michele’s Dress: Nelly Santana – Nelly’s Bridal Boutique

Lorena’s Dress: Clara Petite – The Wedding Party

Hair & Makeup: Lia Negrete – Beauty By Lia

Venue (Day One): Point Reyes National Seashore

Venue (Day Two): The Chapel

DJ: Donovan Hall

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