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Architectural Artifacts, By Noelle Adams

October 9, 2017

By Jacqueline Tobin

© Noelle Adams Photography

"Whitney and Jarad's Architectural Artifacts wedding had all the elements of a perfect wedding celebration," exclaims their photographer, Noelle Adams of Chicago. "Architectural Artifacts is a warehouse full of intriguing antique objects, often used for move props. Objects range from rare vintage furniture to giant scoreboards. It creates a unique opportunity for creative, original wedding photos."

All Photos © Noelle Adams

Adams says because the bride was having so much fun getting dolled up, she ended up running about an hour late for photos, "so we only had about 60 minutes to shoot bride and groom and bridal party photos. It's a pretty tight space to move around in, even though it’s a huge warehouse."

The groomsmen were decked out in custom suits from Oliver Rowan Bespoke. "The suits had a different custom lining in the jackets," Adams explains. "Jarad’s jacket was lined with his favorite photo of he and his beautiful bride."

The most challenging shot of the day, says Adams, was the big group bridal party photo (below). "At this point I had about 8 minutes left to shoot and it was a large bridal party—22 people! Twenty-two people who wanted to be doing anything else than posing for photos."

"Whitney created the most beautiful table settings with a hot pink and gold color theme," Adams describes. "The elegant design fit perfectly into the industrial setting of Architectural Artifacts in Raveswood. Whitney found vintage wine crates from various wineries in California and decorated them with a mirror top to reflect the gold-painted mason jars and colorful flowers. The place looked stunning!"

"I loved this wedding because it was like a really good toast, with the perfect amount of laughter and tears," Adams says. "There was so much laughter because the family and bridal party were all so close. And tears because Whitney’s family, especially, was very sentimental. I still tear up when I listen to her dad get choked up toasting his daughter because it was such pure emotion of bittersweet joy." (Check out the video here.)

Cameras: Nikon D4, D800, D700
Lenses: Nikon 35mm f/1.4, 60mm f/3.5, 24-70mm f/2.8, 85mm f/1.4, 135mm f/2
Lighting: Nikon SB-5000, Westcott 26-inch Octobox, MagMod Sphere

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