Power of Print

A No-Pressure Approach to Selling Prints

October 15, 2015

By RF Staff

Sponsored by CG Pro Prints

Many an article has been written about the trick to increasing print sales in a photography business. Robust packages, minimum order requirements and in-person sample showings are common tactics, and are not without merit. But for Jordan Voth, a commercial portrait and wedding photographer based out of Seattle, finding a reliable method for increasing sales is simple: “I want the work to speak for itself,” he explains. “I think that’s the number one way to attract the clients who want you for you."


Photographed at Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon / Photo by Jordan Voth

Voth has been using CG Pro Prints’ Traditional Canvas Gallery Wraps for about three years; the canvas texture and the company’s high-quality printing complements the earthy, rich tones in his wedding imagery, which is often shot outdoors. The reasonable pricing (Traditional Canvas Gallery Wraps range from $9.99 to $99.99) and the build of the product itself are two reasons it has become a staple of his business. “I love the fact that they come ready to hang with a closed-off back,” he explains. “It has a really clean and classy feel to it. The corners are tightly wrapped—if you tap the middle of the print it will always remain sturdy, with no bounce.” Voth also says he’ll be testing CG Pro Prints’ new Framed Standouts: images printed on canvas or lustre giclée that come enclosed in a black or walnut frame.


A Traditional Canvas Gallery Wrap (center) with a black and walnut Framed Canvas Standout (left, right).


A collection of Framed Standouts.

As a consumer, Voth dislikes the pressure of purchasing additional items, so he doesn’t take that approach with clients. He makes his packages flexible, offering canvas options for every photo in a client’s gallery. Voth also prints images at all sizes—up to 32 x 48 inches—which allows even more latitude when selecting prints. During the two-week period after Voth sends out a completed gallery, he offers a 10 to 15 percent discount on prints, allowing clients to order extra items without it feeling like a sales pitch. His method works: letting his clients guide the decision-making process, combined with his innate talent, has led to a fruitful word-of-mouth campaign.

Commercial photographer Joe Gall (a.k.a. “Camera Jesus”) has also benefited from simple word of mouth. Based in Detroit, Gall began photographing the city’s “renaissance” as the skyline began to rapidly change thanks to recent building development initiatives. He began selling prints online and found a solid customer base in his home city. “Detroit is a huge, “small” city where it’s easier to make a name for yourself,” he explains. After a successful year, he started a new, broader series of travel images that include Icelandic vistas, U.S. National Park scenes, and architectural icons. His aerial images, he says, sell the best. “It’s the perspectives not normally experienced that have the greatest impact,” he explains.

MackinacFog_0067 copy

Mackinac Bridge in Michigan / Photo by Joe Gall

ReynisfjaraBeach0I2A2726 copy

Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland / Photo by Joe Gall

Gall has also grown a steady following on Instagram and Twitter under the handle @camera_jesus, a moniker that reflects his bearded, long-haired look. “It seems to resonate better than my actual name,” he says. On his site (camerajesus.bigcartel.com) visitors can buy prints ranging from $50-75. Gall offers CG Pro Prints’ Canvas Gallery Wraps, Black Framed Wraps and Black Framed Leather Wraps. “I love having a variety of high-end products,” he says. “Every customer is different and I want to be able to reach a wide variety without offering anything too gimmicky.”

CG Pro Print’s roster of products, including Canvas Wraps, Leather Wraps, Flat Prints, Minis and the new Framed Standouts, can be found at www.cgproprints.com.