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Making an Entrance [Rf Photo of the Day]

August 23, 2016

By RF Staff

Paulo Santos Photography

Photo © Paul Santos

Look very closely for a unique view of a bride making her way into her wedding ceremony while the groom and guests await her arrival. "Capturing a bride in a more interesting and meaningful perspective is always a challenge I actively look for," explains Paul Santos, who photographed this special moment at Linden Hall, Longhorsley, UK.

"I spotted the mirror reflecting the staircase as soon as I walked into the ceremony room and then looked for any obstacles I needed to overcome to make sure it worked out just as I wanted. A few minutes before the ceremony began I explained my intentions to two guests, who would otherwise be standing in the exact location I needed to be in to capture the shot. They were more than happy to let me in and give me that small amount of space I needed. I also made sure the bride walked down the staircase on the wooden banister side allowing the mirror to capture her, and not her father. The symmetry of the paintings either side appeal to me, as do the inclusion of the guests seeing the bride for the first time. I’ve purposefully shot from a slightly higher angle to include only the bride's hand sliding the rail, keeping an air of mystery about it, and opening it up for the next image."

(Camera: Nikon DF, Lens: Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, Lighting: Natural, exposing for the dress as the lightest part of the frame.)

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