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Getting In On the Reaction [Rf Photo of the Day]

August 5, 2016

By RF Staff

Emma + Enzo // I Love Wednesdays

Photo © I Love Wednesdays

This was taken in the morning just as the bride made her big reveal to her friends and family, says Len of I Love Wednesdays, who describes their reaction as "such a viscerally joyful moment."

For the photographer, this is one of her favorite photos she took last year. "I'd been watching a lot of the Coen brothers' movies," says the Rf 30 Rising Star (2014), "and also had recently read the book On Composition and Improvisation by Larry Fink, and their frames are all so full of information and tell the story in a meaningful, intimate manner. The Coens especially use wider angle lenses and get right in there."

She chose her Canon 24mm f/1.4L lens for this purpose, "partly because it was quite a tight space," she says, "but also having spent some time with Emma’s family and bridal party in the morning, I knew that their reactions would be really wonderful. I wanted to get close and tell the story of that moment in a much more personal way. These small but meaningful moments are the most important to me as a photographer."

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