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Eye-Catching Portraits and Photos of the Week for Nov. 13

November 13, 2023

By Hillary Grigonis

The moments as a bride and groom are getting ready for their big day are filled with nerves and laughs, but the early part of the day is often a challenge for wedding photographers. Bridal prep often happens in small rooms, sometimes with no windows at all. This week, we feature five photographers capturing stunning getting-ready photos, including Jay Cassario, Barbara and Tiago Pereira, Liam Collard, Scott Josuweit, and Patrick Asselin.

Jay Cassario, Twisted Oaks Studio

© Jay Cassario

Bridal prep often happens in small rooms with limited light, but when Jay Cassario of Twisted Oaks Studio saw this bridal prep room with its large windows, he knew he wanted to take advantage of the rare setting. The bride had requested a shot of putting on the garter. That request with the natural light helped inspire this shot. He captured the image using the Leica SL2 and the Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art DG DN.

“The most challenging part for us, my wife and I (owners of Twisted Oaks Studio), is finding the balance between being hands-off to allow moments to happen organically… and directing,” he said. “We don’t set up lights for prep anymore, we like to be as creative as possible with the available light given to us, just as we did with this moment.” 

Barbara and Tiago Pereira, Mémorelle Weddings

© Barbara and Tiago Pereira

The natural framing created by the mirror highlights the emotion between the bride and her bridesmaids in this shot by Barbara and Tiago Pereira of Mémorelle Weddings. The photographers were inspired  by the light, framing and the atmosphere in the bridal suite, as well as the wine called Tubarão, which means shark. The shot was captured with the Sony a7 IV and the Zeiss 35mm f1.4 lens.

“For me, the most challenging part of getting ready is the lighting, as the bride and groom often get ready in places with very little light, and the framing, as these are often small spaces,” they said. “Apart from that, it’s one of my favorite parts, because it’s the moment of the day when I can insert myself into the bride and groom’s closest circle of friends and family, and where the bride and groom expose their frailties and emotions. It’s important to combine sensitivity with the artistic side of photography.”

Liam Collard, Liam Collard Photography

© Liam Collard

Bridal suites rarely offer a sense of place. But, by using the London skyline reflected in the balcony windows, Liam Collard of Liam Collard Photography was able to highlight where the wedding took place. Collard captured the shot by standing outside the bridal suite on the balcony with his Sony a9 and Zeiss Batis 40mm f2 lens. Lighting the bride with a Profoto A1 off-camera flash helped avoid the subject getting lost in that reflection.

“I think the key [to photographing bridal prep] is having good interpersonal skills at this stage of the day, ensuring everyone feels comfortable with us being there without being intrusive, yet not hiding in the corner without saying anything when we arrive,” Collard said. “It is a fine balance but a really important part of getting access so we can capture all the photographs our couples want from their day.”

Scott Josuweit, SMJ Photography

© Scott Josuweit

The emotion on the mother-of-the-bride’s face creates a poignant image in this capture by Scott Josuweit of SMJ Photography. The photographer explained that the bride’s mother had just finished helping her into the dress when she whispered some words of encouragement and held her tightly. He captured the shot with he Nikon D850 and the Nikon 16-35mm f2.8.

“The most difficult part of the getting ready portion of the day is having the time and space for moments to happen,” he said. “There’s usually a lot of chaos and people running around which make it difficult for the couple to actually feel their emotions.”

Patrick Asselin, Alecia Patrick

© Patrick Asselin

For this image, Patrick Asselin was inspired by his wife Alecia and her love for photographing hands. The photographer duo works together under the name Alecia Patrick. When the groom took a step back from the window, Patrick Asselin says it was an ‘aha’ moment when he saw how the hands told a story. He captured the shot with the Canon R6 and a 35mm lens.

“The most challenging part of photographing the preparations is staying ready and alert for the unexpected moments,” he said. “They can happen so quickly and often after a period that appears to be slow moving. Anticipating these moments can be the most challenging but also the most fun.” 

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