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Eye-Catching Portraits and Photos of the Week for Dec. 4 

December 4, 2023

By Hillary Grigonis

Using the sky as a portrait backdrop creates negative space that draws the eye to the subject. But, working with the sky without overexposed highlights can be a challenge. This week, we feature five photographs that beautifully capture both the sky and subject. Find inspiration in these images by Caragh Isla Camack, Kenny Choy, Christie Abascal, and Gina Fernandes. 

Caragh Isla Camack, Caragh Isla Photography 

© Caragh Isla Camack

The bride’s cape frames the couple before blending almost seamlessly into the sky in this image by Caragh Isla Camack of Caragh Isla Photography. She captured the shot during Chris and Kristin’s raining elopement on the Northern Irish Coast during one of the moments they held onto each other to keep warm. She captured the shot with the Canon R6 and a Sigma 35mm lens. 

“The main challenge was with the wind and the rain,” Camack said. “I remember crouching down to frame them within the sky which was a little tricky with the terrain and the heavy wind. I got very lucky to capture it at the right time when Kristin’s cape was perfectly encapsulating them.” 

Kenny Choy, Wanderlust Dream 

© Kenny Choy

The rainbow in this image by Kenny Choy of Wanderlust Dream matches the joyful pose of the couple as they run together. He was inspired by the rainbow, while the overcast sky still allowed him to capture the details in both the sky and the subject. He captured the shot with the Leica SL2S. 

“For me, a rainbow symbolizes blessings, and its sudden appearance created a unique and magical moment,” he said. “My instinct kicked in, prompting me to seize the opportunity. I immediately asked the couple to run towards the rainbow, aiming to capture the essence of this beautiful and serendipitous event in their photos.”  

Christie Abascal, Summit and Sur Photography 

© Christie Abascal

The billowy clouds in this image seem to match the brides’ dresses in this image by Christie Abascal of Summit and Sur Photography. She captured this shot that uses the sky as a backdrop during an elopement on a rainy day in Yosemite with the Nikon D850 and the Nikkor 35mm f1.4. 

“The light was shifting every minute,” Abascal said. “It would go from cloudy and gray, and then a minute later, the sun would start poking through the clouds, creating a mesmerizing effect throughout the valley and behind Lauryn and Paula. It wasn’t challenging so much as a test of patience in waiting for the best light in between showers of cold rain that early fall morning.” 

Savannah and Greg Herr, Authentic Collective 

© Savannah Herr

The couple was making their way back to the car when Savannah Herr of Authentic Collective spotted the moon rising over the mountains. Creating a silhouette allowed her to capture the sky without any issues blowing out the highlights. She took the shot with the Nikon Z6 ii and Z 24-70mm f2.8 S. 

“The sun on our side of the range was already behind the mountain so we knew it was the perfect time to capture a silhouette of the couple with the moon in the background,” she said. “The clouds worked perfectly in our favor, guiding the eye towards the moon.”

Gina Fernandes, Gina Fernandes Photography 

© Gina Fernandes

The couple in this photograph hadn’t had proper photos together since their wedding 46 years ago, so Gina Fernandes of Gina Fernandes Photography wanted to focus on the connection between them. By photographing the couple with the empty sky as a backdrop, the viewer is drawn into the couple and the way they are holding on to each other. She captured the shot with the Sony a7 III and an 85mm f1.8 lens. 

“The way the sky looked was also one of my favorite aspects of this photo, and it could have easily been blown out,” Fernandes said. “I opted for a fast shutter, low ISO, exposing about 0.5-1 a stop under and in editing, brought the highlights down.” 

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