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Entangled in Iceland [Rf Photo of the Day]

November 14, 2016

By RF Staff

Photo © Jade Gabrielle

Photo © Jade Gabrielle

"Photographing not one but two photographers you look up to is literally the most intimidating experience," says Alberta, Canada, wedding photographer Jade Gabrielle, "but it turns out that when you have Ben Sasso and Katch Silva in the middle of an Icelandic backdrop, you don't have to do much! Not to mention they are the nicest people on the planet and practically pose themselves. They are in fact this cute all the time, I swear."

Indeed, Gabrielle had the chance to shoot Silva and Sasso (both Rf 30 Rising Stars—in 2015 and 2012, respectively) at a photo workshop. "When I sat these two down, all I did was ask them to ignore me and keep moving around to become more and more tangled within each others' arms. I love when people do things naturally. It always feels and looks more comfortable, plus it’s way better than any pose I could have come up with and forced them into."

Gabrielle called upon her Nikon D750 and Sigma Art 35mm lens, which she says she used almost her entire time in Iceland. "I wanted to make sure I was including the ever changing landscape in my images," she says. "I always shoot with a fairly low depth of field, f/4 for this particular shot, as I like the main focus to remain on my subjects and their shapes, as well as the genuine emotions and moments they are bringing to the image."

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