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A Triple Take of Self-Reflection, by Salvatore Dimino [Rf Photo of the Day]

August 1, 2016

By RF Staff


Photo © Salvatore Dimino

Italian photographer Salvatore Dimino shot this cleverly posed photo at a wedding last December, in a bedroom with an armoire that opened up to three mirrors. Upon seeing this, Dimino knew he wanted to use it for a portrait, so he told the groom to adjust his tie as he stood in front of it. The photographer mounted a chair behind him, hiding behind his head to get this angle without seeing his own reflection.

"The last thing that I did was work on the expression, because I was trying to create a 'cool image,'" Dimino says. Half-jokingly, he asked the groom "to think about all the things that he cannot do anymore once he gets married." The groom grew solemn and serious, and Dimino clicked the shutter. Afterward, he says, "all of us started laughing: what was he was thinking?"

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