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A Reflection Caught on Vintage Film [Rf Photo of the Day]

October 3, 2016

By RF Staff

Photo © Gesi Schilling

Photo © Gesi Schilling

Photographed on Gator Hook Trail in Everglades National Park, Gesi Schilling's haunting reflection in a swamp beautifully mirrors a deep blue sky and surrounding cypress trees. "My head and torso were hanging over the top of the camera so that I could see the focusing screen," says Schilling.

As part of the photographer's solo show, "Pelican Finn" (on view last year at the Robin Rice Gallery in New York), the aptly titled "Gator Hook" holds particular importance for Schilling because it was her first time using a vintage Yashica medium-format, twin-lens reflex camera and, consequently, it was also her first time shooting with film.

The Rf 30 Rising Star from 2012 tells Rangefinder that in the end, the photo turned out to be one that she admires most from her portfolio.

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