Photo of the Day

A Beam of Enlightenment

March 8, 2019

By Jacqueline Tobin

Photo © The Adamkovi

At its base, this is a lovely image of couple Jackie and Jeff on their wedding day, photographed at the Elmhurst Museum of Art in Elmhurst, Illinois (made possible by the interactive exhibition created by artist David Wallace Haskins). But for the couple and their photographers, Kristen and Pavel of The Adamkovi, this photo means so much more.

“It feels like a metaphor to us, an inverted image of our inner souls when we have found someone that awakens us to truly grow from within and beyond our own selves,” says the duo. “The spark of contact ignites a beam of enlightenment that cannot be contained, bursting out and enveloping us in the light of love and connectedness. But it does not stop there: It reaches out to the world around us, spreading the hope that love is real—that it is more than just a fickle moment of passion. That it is a journey that the two take together to awaken themselves to reality, to ascension—resurrecting a world one by one from apathetic slumber.”

(Shot with a Nikon D750 and 58mm f /1.4 lens at 1/100 sec. and ISO 3200.)