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WPPI News: Solidiphy Taps 130 DSLRs to Make Ultra-Realistic 3D Prints

March 8, 2016

By RF Staff

There's been plenty to see at WPPI, but one of the more intriguing products we've run across is Solidiphy--a company making its public debut at the show.

Solidiphy uses 130 Canon Rebel S1 DSLRs, all attached to a synchronized trigger and strobe lighting, to create an immersive, multi-angled image of a person. The Rebels are housed in cabinets arranged in a circle, about 14 feet in diameter--although the size of the system can vary depending on your needs.

After you trigger the shutters, the 130 JPEGs are sent to your PC where they are then uploaded from Solidiphy's software to the company where the products are 3D printed. Solidphy charges a wholesale price on printed products and has suggest retail prices, though photographers are free to set their own prices.



Solidphy can produce cake toppers, figurines, Lego heads and more. Turnaround times range from 7-10 days.

Solidiphy isn't cheap. It costs $130,000 and the price includes installation, set up, training and support. You've got to move a lot of figurines to recoup your investment, but the quality of the 3D print is lot higher than other 3D printed figurines we've seen.