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We're Excited! Rf's June Cover Image by Miller Mobley Gets Featured on

June 9, 2016

By RF Staff

We were super psyched to see that our June cover image by celebrity photographer Miller Mobley caught the eye of creative director Heidi Volpe earlier this week. Thanks for the writeup on The Daily Edit portion of, Heidi. Lots of great insight from Miller on his style and approach. As Volpe writes, it's important when "great images get a second life and I enjoy the fact that [Rangefinder] chose this cover image to honor Miller’s career."

In case you were unaware, this very compelling portrait of actor Christopher Walken was originally commissioned by The Hollywood Reporter. [For that issue, Mobley collaborated with director of photography Jennifer Laski, photo editors Carrie Smith and Jennifer Sargent and creative director Shanti Marlar.]

The first thing Volpe asked Miller for The Daily Edit post was what made the Christopher Walken portrait unique since he has so many celebrity shots in his portfolio.

Said Mobley: "I think there’s a lot of simplicity in this photograph that makes it beautiful. The lighting is simple and understated, the clothing is dark and not distracting. The warms colors of the highlights go in hand with the blues and greens in the shadows. And of course, the subject. Walken was one of my dream subjects (probably one of most photographers' dream subjects), so to be able to have a portrait of him that I’m proud of is special."

© Miller Mobley

© Miller Mobley

When Rf asked Mobley—the subject of this month's Photographer You Should Know by Rf features editor Libby Peterson—about the Walken image, he recalled the shoot as being surreal. It turns out that this was one of the first celebrities he had ever photographed. “I remember setting up our lights, doing a test and then waiting for him to arrive,” Mobley said. "A few minutes later, I heard the Walken voice down the hallway and knew the shoot was about to happen. It was a cool moment knowing that I was about to photograph such an iconic, memorable actor.”

Click here to access the June issue in our digital edition. You can also visit later this month to read the full feature and see a gallery of Mobley's images.