WPPI 2018: Interfit Launches Studio Essentials Product Line

February 26, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

The 100W Studio Essentials LED Light is one of a slew of new budget-friendly photo gear from Interfit's new Studio Essentials lineup.

Interfit Photographic is offering a new line of photo products geared to woo price-sensitive customers away from cut-rate online shopping.

The new Studio Essentials product offering will be sold through photo stores and online outlets and include a lineup of strobes, LEDs and other essential photo gear.

The lineup will feature 100 products, including a 200W/s flash, LED light panels, an LED ring light, light stands, background stands, pop-up backdrops, beauty dishes, a snoot and more.

The products are expected to ship directly after WPPI. The full list can be found here.