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Great Tips for Shooting Video in Sony S-Log

August 16, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

One of the best ways to create videos with high dynamic range using a Sony camera is to film using the S-Log color profile. S-Log creates a flatter, more color-neutral video file that's easier to color grade, without going the extra step of shooting RAW video out to an external recorder. (If you want a technical deep-dive into S-Log, check out Sony's primer here.)

But shooting in S-Log is not without its challenges.

In this informative video, Harv from Harv Video/Audio Stuff highlights a few ways to get the most from Sony's S-Log when shooting video.

Some key takeaways:

* While proper exposure is always critical, it's better to expose to the right (i.e. over expose) while filming in S-Log. It helps to pull up your camera's histogram to ensure you've properly exposed your scene.
* Keep your ISO to its native minimum to preserve the most dynamic range.
* Don't use S-Log with higher frame rate video, as it can produce unwanted image effects (noise, color shifting, etc.). If you need to shoot in higher frame rates, Harv advises using Sony's Cine4 profile.
* Harv prefers to shoot in the SGamut3.Cine color space, as it provides a nice large color space for grading--though what space you choose is also a matter of personal preference.

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