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WPPI News: Meet Gifyyy, the Photo Booth That Makes Gifs

March 9, 2016

By RF Staff

If the Internet has taught us anything, it's that people love GIFs.

The new Gifyyy Photo Booth, which debuted at WPPI 2016, capitalizes on our GIF love with a unique event solution that lets guests GIF themselves.

The Gifyyy booth is not so much a booth as it is a tripod, an LED ring light and a mount for a tablet (you bring your own tablet). Using the company's app, you can have guests create their own GIFs and have them automatically uploaded to the cloud. All the GIFs created at the event are grouped into an online album. Guests can retrieve their images by entering their phone numbers and receiving them via text.

The idea is that photographers can collect leads via the software as well as create socially shareable images from the event that can carry the photographer's brand.

The LED can run off battery power "for days" according to the company, and can also be connected to an AC outlet. It's designed to be set-and-forget and, relative to many other photo booths on the market, is fairly light and portable.

The tripod, LED and software will sell for $6,000.