Create Like an Expert with Plug-in Magic of ParticleShop [Tech Tuesday]

August 18, 2015

By RF Staff

Corel's brush technology has always been impressive, but with the release of ParticleShop, the company elevates creativity to a whole new level.

These brushes, which use Corel Painter's brush technology, are truly magical. This is not just another semi-useful plug-in for special effects; the brushes are capable of expertly streamlining tasks that would otherwise be impossible, or take an expert hand (and many hours) to create from scratch.

StarterPackYou can quickly and easily add realistic-looking hair, extend the sweep of a dress with a fabric brush, produce beautiful lighting and fantastical scenes and much more with ParticleShop brushes.

Compatible with Corel Photo-Paint, PaintShop Pro as well as Adobe Photoshop (including CS6), Lightroom and Photoshop Elements, the plug-in can be used on Windows and Mac operating systems. The $50 starter pack comes with 11 assorted brushes covering a range of effects to get you started, but 11 optional, specialized brush packs are available as well, each with 15 brushes for $30.

HairThe brush packs range from Hair, Fabric and Light It Up to Storm, Smoke & Steam and Dust & Debris. Specialize in family and child portraits? Put the Superhero pack at the top of your list—your little clients will love having their photo portray them as a superhero.

Be sure to check out ParticleShop to find out more about all of the brush packs.