WPPI News: Profoto Adds Beauty Dishes, Gels for B2 Flash

March 7, 2016

By RF Staff

Profoto hit WPPI with new modifiers for its B2 on/off-camera flash system. The new OCF Beauty Dishes will be more compact and lighter than the company's standard light shapers. They'll have fewer parts too, so they'll be easier to mount.

There will be two Beauty Dishes, both for $179. They'll both have a deflector plate, an optional diffuser and come with a carrying case. The white dish will deliver a soft and more even light when the silver dish will deliver a bit more contrast.



Profoto is also introducing a series of color gels for the B2. They'll be multiple gel packs to choose from. Ten of them will be color correctors to help you balance your flash under different lighting conditions. The other ten are effects gels to give your light some creative pop. The gels are pre-cut and will fit into a snap-on holder that attaches to the B2.

The gels will be sold in three different kits. The OCF Color Gel Starter Kit ($99) includes 10 gels plus the snap-on holder. The Color Correction Gel Pack ($59) and a Color Effects Pack ($59) will each contain 20 gels.


Color Correction pack

Color Correction pack


The Color Effects pack