Tech Tuesday—New PocketWizard Nikon Power Cable Eliminates Need for Radio Batteries

July 9, 2013

By RF Staff

Thanks to a new power cable from PocketWizard, Nikon users no longer need to shell out extra dollars for batteries in their MiniTT1 transmitters and Plus III's and compatible (with USB port) MultiMAX transceivers.1082PW-DC-N10_on_MiniTT1_Color_WEB12

The Nikon Power Cable plugs into a Nikon DSLR's 10-pin remote terminal to power the radios. PocketWizard reports that the radio's power draw is minimal and won't impact the camera's battery life.

1082pwpwpw1For $20, you can save on battery purchases and for the coin-battery operated MiniTT1, the cable not only saves money but is more convenient since its batteries are not as readily available when you're in a remote location. And with this always-on power, the MiniTT1 stays awake, so it's always ready to go. Whether you're using the MiniTT1, the Plus III or a MultiMAX, be sure your firmware is up to date. Check the PocketWizard site for the minimum firmware needed with the new cable. And be sure to disconnect the cable when you're done with a shoot—even when the radio and camera are turned off, power will continue to run from the DSLR to the PockeWizard.