Getting Blown Away (and Not in a Good Way)? Try This Grippable Reflector [Tech Tuesday]

May 5, 2015

By RF Staff

Anyone who has held a reflector on a windy day understands the challenges of aerodynamics all too well. If the wind is really whipping, it's even more difficult to maneuver the reflector into position and hold it steady, whether it's being used as a light modifier or to block the model from the wind's ill effects (messy hair, watery eyes, etc.).

But, no worries, there's a simple—and affordable—solution: the Phottix 5-in-1 Premium Triangle Reflector.


This triangular-shaped reflector's two-handled design, with contoured grips, provides a solid handhold even when there's enough wind to make a sailor smile (and an assistant cringe). Available in 32-inch and 47-inch models, both are small enough to be held on top and bottom with arms outstretched.

To meet its 5-in-1 designation, the reflector features four interchangeable surfaces: gold, silver and white bounce, along with a black absorption option and a non-changeable, translucent white diffusion panel. If you're working indoors with window light, the reflector can be hung by one of its handles (you'll have to jerry-rig a solution, but it's easy) to soften the window's natural light.

Bundled with a carrying case, the Phottix 5-in-1 Premium Triangle Reflector is highly portable. And, it's quite affordable as well at $32 (32-inch model) and $43 (47-inch model).

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