Tech Tuesday: G-Technology Announces Mega-Storage RAID Options for 4K

April 8, 2014

By RF Staff

The 2014 NAB show is underway this week and it's no surprise that there's no lack of 4K video announcements, including Sony's a7S—the company's latest full-frame, 4K-capable mirrorless ILC camera (senior technology editor for Rangefinder and PDN, Dan Havlik, wrote about the a7S here).

While we're all for the industry moving forward with 4K and providing capture devices that are more and more affordable, incorporating 4K into any workflow has its challenges, most notably transfer speed and storage capacity.

To accompany all the 4K capture news at the show, G-Technology announced the first products in its new Studio line, providing high speed and high capacity RAID storage options.


The 4-bay G-SPEED Studio

The 4-bay G-SPEED Studio is available in 12TB ($2,200), 16TB ($2,700) and 24TB ($3,600) configurations, with "sustained" transfer rates of up to 660MB/sec in RAID 0 (users can also select from RAID 1, 5 and 10). G-Technology promises that the G-SPEED Studio RAID can "seamlessly edit three streams of compressed 4K," among other high speed feats.

If you have a smaller budget and capacity needs that will be met with 6TB ($700), 8TB ($850) or 12TB ($1,300) capacities, check out the G-RAID Studio, with two removable hard drives.

Both Studio line products are plug-and-play for Mac, come with a three-year limited warranty and will ship in May. (Windows users should visit the website for more information.)

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