An All-in-One Powerhouse Workstation from HP [Tech Tuesday]

April 19, 2016

By RF Staff

HP's new Z1 G3 Workstation is slender, stylish, won't take up much room on your desk and is packed with powerful features that can handle intensive editing workflows. Better yet, it can be customized from a choice of processors, graphics cards and even operating systems (Windows 7, 10 or Linux).

HP Z1_Front 1

Compared to the previous generation, the new Z1 G3 is smaller, lighter and less expensive without sacrificing any features. The base and monitor are both smaller and the high resolution 16:9 display is now 23.6 inches versus the G2's 27-inches. By minimizing the Z1 G3's display size, users have more space for a second display.

HP Z1_Side 1

HP has also made it easy to update and service the workstation. Just pop off the back cover to access the guts of this workstation, including its two storage bays and 4 memory slots, which can hold up to 64GB of memory.

HP Z1_Back 2

In addition to USB 3.0 ports, the Z1 G3 is equipped with dual Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 capabilities. And, as a bonus, HP's new remote graphics software (RGS) now offers Mac support so you can access the workstation remotely from your Mac.

There are far too many specs—and options—to list here, but with a base price of around $1,500, it's worth the few minutes it will take to check out the details on the HP site.