Cameras, Lenses and Key Accessories For Your Foray Into Filmmaking

March 23, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

One way to expand your brand is to incorporate filmmaking into your business model (and if that sounds intimidating, check out our crash course which demystifies the entire process). But when it comes to gear, you may be wondering where to begin. Let us help! We’ve assembled a selection of cameras, lenses and key accessories to help you jump-start your foray into filmmaking, whether you prefer a lightweight mirrorless rig, a traditional DSLR or a cinema-friendly video camera.

Clockwise from top left: The Sony a7S II mirrorless camera, Sony’s Distagon T*FE35mm f/1.4 ZA lens, Metabones’ T Smart Adapter Mark IV. iKan Beholder MS1 gimbal.


Camera: The Sony a7S II has incredibly high ISO capabilities, a light and compact design and internal 4K video recording that make it a solid choice for filmmakers battling low light and tight corners.
Price: $3,000

Lens: The virtue of the Sony Distagon T* FE35mm f/1.4 ZA isn’t just its speed, but its ability to switch between a clicked aperture for stills and a de-clicked aperture when filming, making aperture adjustments quiet and smooth.
Price: $1,600
Stabilizer: While the a7S II’s in-camera 5-axis stabilizer is excellent, mounting it on the iKan Beholder MS1 gimbal will allow you to craft Steadicam-like camera movement in a compact rig.
Price: $699
Accessory: Metabones’ T Smart Adapter Mark IV  lets you mount Canon EF and EF-S lenses to your Sony a7S II body while preserving autofocus, image stabilization and camera control over aperture.
Price: $399

Clockwise from top left: Nikon’s D750 Filmmaker’s Kit, NIKKOR prime lens, Atomos Ninja 2 external recorder/monitor, Redrock’s Micro Mini Rig


Filmmakers Kit: Nikon’s D750 Filmmaker’s Kit allows you to enjoy the shallow depth-of-field that has made DSLRs coveted for video while having a camera that’s equally capable for stills. Packaged in this kit, the D750 comes with just about everything you need to fire up your filmmaking.
Price: $3,610

Lens: The filmmaker’s kit has three NIKKOR prime lenses—a 35mm, 50mm and 85mm—all with f/1.8 apertures. Thanks to their Silent Wave Motors, they’ll autofocus quietly and quickly while delivering a shallow depth-of-field that’s a perfect complement to the D750.
Price: Included in kit

Stabilizer: Redrock’s Micro Mini Rig keeps your DSLR (or mirrorless) steady during filming, supporting an array of accessories to to suit your needs. It’s compact size and lower price nicely fits today’s smaller, lighter cameras and shooting styles.
Price: $299

Accessory: The beauty of the filmmaker’s kit is that there are several key accessories included in the price, such as a Nikon on-camera stereo mic, variable ND filter for controlling exposure, an HDMI cable and an Atomos Ninja 2 external recorder/monitor. 
Price: Included in kit

Clockwise from top: Panasonic’s DVX200PJ 4/3 MOS video camera, Sennheiser AVX’s DVX200PJ wireless audio receiver, VariZoom DV Traveler stabilizer.

Video Camera

Camera: Panasonic’s DVX200PJ 4/3 MOS sensor means you’re getting a shallow depth-of-field and better low-light performance than you would on video cameras packing smaller sensors. This 4K camera has a built-in 13x Leica lens, so you don’t have to pay more for extra glass.
Price: $4,695

Stabilizer: The VariZoom DV Traveler can quickly break down to fit inside a backpack and when fully assembled, it features a shoulder mount that extends and rotates to accommodate your unique physique. It has a rotating accessory mount for lights, mics and more.
Price: $349

Accessory: Sennheiser AVX’s DVX200PJ packs XLR inputs so you’re able to record high-quality audio directly in-camera. The wireless audio receiver kicks on when you power up the camera and connects with a transmitter, then sets the correct audio level, matching it to the camera’s input sensitivity to achieve level sound.
Price: $1,125

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