WPPI News: Lowepro Defends Your Drone

March 7, 2016

By RF Staff

Welcome to 2016, where flying cameras are so popular, bag companies are making cases for them.

Lowepro hit WPPI 2016 with a new product in its aptly-named DroneGuard lineup. The DroneGuard Backpack 450 AW is large enough for a Phantom 3 or 3DR Solo drone.


It features a softly lined, padded interior with room for props, batteries and other drone-related accessories. The pack includes a dedicated CradleFit pocket that suspends and safeguards a 10-inch tablet, alongside a molded, FormShell top pocket for easy access to smaller items. The bag’s straps feature SlipLock attachment loops for adding pouches and cases for water bottles, memory cards and more.

The new backpack uses Lowepro's ActivZone harness and has a built-in All-Weather Cover to keep your gear safe when the skies open up.

The DroneGuard 450 AW will retail for $250.

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