The Best New Gear for Wedding Filmmakers

October 26, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Atomos Ninja Inferno
Editor's Choice

The best way to squeeze out the highest quality video file from your DSLR or mirrorless camera is to connect it to an external recorder, like Atomos’ Ninja Inferno. This model can record up to a 4K/60p signal via HDMI in either ProRes or the Avid DNxHR format. You can also record a high dynamic range file using the Inferno. The 7-inch display is housed in a field-proof case and has a dual battery port that supports hot swapping so you’re not left without juice during your shoot.
Price: $995

RØDE VideoMic Pro+

The popular VideoMic Pro has been updated with a new automatic power function that automatically kills power to the mic when you unplug it from the camera. It sports a new built-in battery door to facilitate battery swaps and uses a new lithium-ion rechargeable battery (it can also be powered by a pair of AAs or run continuously via micro USB).
Price: $299

Dell UltraSharp 27 UP2718Q

The UltraSharp 27 is Dell’s first monitor to support high dynamic range (HDR)—specifically the HDR10 spec. It has a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and covers all of the Adobe RGB, sRGB and REC 709 color spaces. You’ll get close to the DCI-P3 color space (97.7 percent) and a decent amount of the new REC2020 space (76.9 percent).
Price: $2,000

Tiffen Steadicam Volt

With the Volt you can create cinematic camera movements with a smartphone. Unlike competing gyro stabilizers, the Volt can fold up, making it easy to cart around. You’ll enjoy about eight hours of operation on the Volt’s rechargeable battery. And, unlike other stabilizers, the Volt won’t go limp when the battery dies—you can still use it as a manual stabilizer.
Price: $199


If you’re looking to add livestreaming to your mix, the SlingStudio makes it easy to create a multi-camera broadcast system using your existing cameras. You can connect up to 10 cameras wirelessly from up to 300 feet away and stream up to a 1080/60p signal over platforms like YouTube Live or Facebook Live.
Price: $999

Freevision Vilta

This three-axis gimbal is an ideal companion to a GoPro for creating smooth handheld camera movements. Unlike many handheld gimbals, the Vilta gimbal (which has its own battery) can be disengaged from the handle and mounted to objects. The handle has a second battery so when the two are joined, you’ll enjoy a better-than-average 8 hours of battery life.
Price: $299