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Tech Tuesday: Keep Film Alive with Lomo's Cine200 Tungsten

July 22, 2014

By RF Staff

With various 35mm film stock going out of production, it's always refreshing to learn that someone is keeping film alive.

Lomography, a small company that excels at alternative cameras and film, just introduced Cine200 Tungsten negative film. As the fun folks at Lomography explains, they came across a batch of "rare, authentic" cine material (tungsten film stock) and converted it for use in 35mm cameras by removing the back layer. Take it to any lab that offers C-41 processing and you're good to go.

LomoCineRated at ISO 200, this print film should deliver fine grain, and since its tungsten balanced, is designed for indoor use. But, as with most products offered by Lomography, photographers may want to experiment and head outdoors. Sure, the prints will have a slight blue cast but the look seems more authentically analogue than a Instagram filter. And if you crave a more cinematic look for your photos this might do the trick.


Because the base stock is limited, only 4,000 rolls are available, so you might want to get your pre-order in quickly. They're $9.90 a pop (less if you order five or more). Cine200 produces interesting results and you might want to shoot a role or two for clients who want something a little different.