A Quirky, Action-Inspired Wedding Video for One Funny Couple [RF Video of the Week]

February 14, 2014

By RF Staff

You think you know what to expect from this wedding video, but you don't. Sam and Ledh, who married at Amarelo Bohol in the Philippines, agreed upon some unusual, entertaining and humorous suggestions with Redsheep Cinema.

The first bit of it fools you into thinking it will be a cute video about a couple dealing with rain on their wedding day, but it quickly takes a turn into Act One, or "A Rude Awakening." Perhaps this refers to Sam's soon-to-be wife waking him up by calling him on the phone, or maybe it's the fact that he's handcuffed to a man in a wig who's in bed with him, along with three or four other guys. In a funny homage to the Zoolander gasoline scene, the groomsmen barge in with pillows and they all have a pillow fight as "Jitterbug" by Wham! plays in the background.

Act Two is "Three Rounds Later," when Sam gets dressed. We can't pin the influence of this scene, but it likely pays tribute to some kind of Kill Bill-like action film, and technically, it's our favorite part. The groom whips his shirt on (this takes on a whole new meaning when you hear the sound effects that accompany his movements), shoes fly into his hands and his hat topples onto his head all on its own. Props to some awesome editing, Redsheep.

Now, we don't want to give every part of the video away, but once Sam is down the aisle and waiting for Ledh, the bride that comes out will really, really surprise you. Prepare for some fake blood and very impressive undead imitations. As unusual as this video can be at times, we love the sense of humor this couple had and how Redsheep was able to understand them and translate their vision for a very original video.

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