Josh Newton's Stunning Wildfire Wedding Photos Burn Through the Internet

June 11, 2014

By RF Staff

Wedding photographer Josh Newton's photos of a couple standing in front of a blazing wildfire in Bend, Oregon caused a sensation after he posted one on Facebook on Sunday.


The couple are Michael Wolber and April Hartley and Newton captured a few shots before firefighters told the wedding party to evacuate. Here's how Newton, who is based in Santa Barbara, CA, described what happened in his Facebook post:

"A small brush fire turned into a giant wildfire about 6 miles from the ceremony site," Newton wrote. "Right as the bride was about to walk down, a firetruck came in sirens blaring and told the bride we had to evacuate. In tears, her father announced to all the guests that we had to move the wedding. Incredibly, the fireman then told us we could have the ceremony and then had to leave. I've never seen anything like what happened next. Everyone moved the entire wedding to a park in Bend, all with smiles and good attitudes. It showed everyone at the wedding what really mattered - the people and the couple."

Newton adds that above photo, which went viral, was actually captured with his phone but the rest, including a few we've shared below, were shot with his camera.

If these images don't show a "burning passion," we don't know what do! See more of Newton's work on his website.

(All photos © Josh Newton; used with permission of the photographer)