Here Comes the Bride… and Donkey [Friday Fun]

May 29, 2015

By RF Staff

Animals often play the role of wedding crasher—sometimes comically, other times not. But according to the New York Post, animals are no longer sneaking in to weddings. They're invited as honored guests.

We're not talking about people's pets, either.

Image: Risto Kuulassma

Photo © Risto Kuulassma

Donkeys, llamas and even elephants are being pressed into service as amusing photo props for wedding guests. Why? According to The Knot's Jamie Miles, animals are prized for their viral element. “It’s all about putting a personalized spin on your wedding day—not just doing what your grandparents did because it’s a commonplace practice," Miles told the Post.

Something old, something new, something with the potential to stomp on you.

Donkeys in particular seem to be the hot wedding photo-op. There's even a company, Haul 'N Ass Productions, that rents them out to weddings to serve drinks and pose for selfies.

While the lure of a shareable image from a wedding is pushing couples to embrace the wild side, Rachel Sugar raises an objection that brides-to-be may want to consider before springing for that donkey: "When you’re all 80, the only thing anyone will remember about you is that you are the person who hired the donkey."