"Do More, Wear Less," Say Ewan and Brianna Phelan—And Get a Discount Code on Boudoir Education!

July 1, 2015

By RF Staff

It seems everywhere I turn lately, boudoir photography is front and center. Maybe it's because we've been working on our summer Portrait Issue, with a special section on boudoir photography, for the past month. Or maybe it's because I just finished judging a cover contest for AIBP (stay tuned for my Top Ten list tomorrow, July 2, and the announcement of the PHILOSOPHIE boudoir magazine cover winner Monday, July 6).

Either way, there's been a lot of new looks and styles emerging in this very popular genre, and I am thrilled to have photographers like Gabe McClintock, Brianna and Ewan Phelan (of The Last Forty Percent), Cherie Steinberg, Jen Rozenbaum, Cate Scaglione, Erin Zahradka, Anna Johnson and many, many more on Rangefinder's radar (check out our Summer Issue, due out in mid-July, for everything boudoir).


Photo © The Last Forty Percent

Speaking of the Phelans, Brianna is hard at work as we speak on the first ever Mystic Boudoir Conference (along with Mystic's very own Walter Van Dusen) and has lined up 11 amazing speakers, including she and her husband Ewan, Denise Birdsong, Ryan Muirhead, Gabe McClintock and Jen Rozenbaum. It all takes place January 11 and 12 in Portland, Oregon, with the wedding lineup succeeding for the following three days after that (January 13 to 15). 

Brianna and Ewan have also been working on their educational website,, their goal being to "help elevate the boudoir industry, bring it into the mainstream and help photographers reach their potential." The site includes free sections of their Boudoir Shoot Companion App, with posing tip headers like "Pop the Butt," "Workarounds" and "Stomach," among others.

And now for the best part... "With Canada Day and July 4th happening this week," Brianna explains, "we are doing a big sale in the store and will be offering a promo code to followers. Use the code 'summerholiday' (all lower case, all one word) for a 25 percent discount on anything in the store (which includes contracts, release forms, skype meetings and workshops)." Thank you to the Phelans! This code is active starting today through next Wednesday.