Sponsored Post: Product Specials From Dynalite at WPPI2014

March 4, 2014

By RF Staff

Dynalite is offering specials during the WPPI trade show on the XP-800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter as well as the legendary RoadMax lighting kits featuring the latest MH2065v flash heads with optional 650w modeling lamps for professional video capability!

productpathWeighing in at only 15lbs, the Dynalite XP-800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter is answering the needs of today’s location photographers. The XP-800 is filled with power on the go for studio strobes as well as modern electronic devices. Purchase an XP-800 from any of our authorized Dynalite Dealers between March 1-31, 2014 and you receive a FREE XP8-Li battery with with your purchase. Enjoy the power and portability of the Dynalite XP-800 with extra life from the FREE additional battery while saving dollars with this limited time promotion.


The RoadMax lighting kits are powerful and versatile enough to handle a wide variety of on-the-run assignments like fashion, corporate work, portraiture, weddings and interiors. The powerful RoadMax power packs have 4 head outlets and breaks down its output symmetrically or asymmetrically over a 6 ƒ-stop range with short flash durations at a super fast recycling time at full power (MP800 1.2 secs MP1600 2.2 seconds). A variator knob allows fine tuned exposure adjustments over 2 stops. Triggering options include sync cord (provided), IR or optical slave as well as a built in 32-channel PocketWizard™ radio slave.MH2065V-Video-flash-head_5

The MK8-1222v and MK16-1222v kits come with the MH2065v is a fan cooled 2000 w/s flash head. Similar to previous RoadMax flash heads the MH2065v has a built-in 120º reflector and a 18′ detachable heavy duty cable you maintain all the standards set by previous generations of strobe heads. The included MH2065v flash heads have a 300W modeling light (optional 650W sold separately), user replaceable 2000W/s capacity flash tube and an ideal color temperature of 5400ºK. Fan-cooling means that you’ll get extended life out of both the flash tube and modeling lamp.mk8-1222

Both kits come standard in our traveling case, which can also hold two compact light stands and two parabolic umbrellas. Bring the power and precision of a professional studio with you while weighing in less than 25lbs!

Stop by and visit the authorized dealers in the Grand Ball Room of this year's WPPI trade show and take advantage of these limited time specials!