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Effortless Print Sales: How India Earl is Boosting Her Business with Pic-Time

May 24, 2018

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Photo © India Earl

As a destination wedding photographer, India Earl combines two of her enduring passions: adventure travel and making pictures for a living. “Most of my trips don't really feel like ‘business’ trips, since I get to shoot for such rad people in incredible places,” says Earl, who recently photographed a couple’s anniversary while backpacking in the Andes Mountains in Peru. “The two passions really grew together.”

An image Earl captured in Peru. Photo © India Earl

Earl’s busy schedule—she’s based in Salt Lake City but shoots more than a dozen out-of-country assignments a year—leaves her little time for business chores such as marketing her work or selling images. “Prints always seemed like such a hassle for me—to take orders from clients, fulfill them, invoice them, ship them and all that nonsense,” Earl says. That’s why she signed up for Pic-Time, a business-management software touted as “The Professional Photographer’s Workspace.”

“In just a few months I've made print sales to every single client and didn’t put a single ounce of effort into it—the service handles everything on its own,” Earl explains. “It's super nice to have that extra revenue flowing in and I don't have to do a thing!”

Clients can order a range of products through Earl's Pic-Time website. All photos © India Earl

Earl seamlessly integrated Pic-Time’s online galleries and Client Store features into her own website—www.indiaearl.com—which, she says, “has been a continuous work in progress for years. The last platform I was using made it too difficult to set it all up but, with Pic-Time, I had it set up and running within a few minutes.”

In addition to custom prints, Pic-Time allows photographers to sell their work in multiple formats, including albums, frames, greeting cards, calendars and more. “It is a combination between a highly aesthetic environment and a sophisticated online store,” says Nirit Gur Karby, a photographer who operates Pic-Time with her programmer husband Amir Karby. “This is an efficient, managed way for the photographer and client to engage in the photo selection processes and album design proofing. All in the signature clean, minimal aesthetic of Pic-Time.”

Other features of Pic-Time include a Lightroom plug-in, which publishes photographs directly and syncs client selections back to Lightroom; an automatic uploader to transmit hi-res files within minutes; JPG optimization which reduces file size without sacrificing quality; a customized watermark for online images; a marketing platform to communicate and showcase campaigns; and a testimonials section to gather feedback from clients.

“From offering different price lists to scheduling coupons, we are bringing a new approach to the online gallery as boutique print experience,” Karby explains. “The store is integrated with the gallery activity so photos that the viewer is engaged with most will be placed within the store products. That way, we have emotional information about the user and we're creating a personalized experience through the print products.”

Pic-Time offers services at different rates depending on photographers’ needs; a free plan lets new photographers try the platform in exchange for 15 percent of sales. That’s how Earl says she got hooked. “I started with the Pic-Time trial and fell in love with it. There are so many features it has that other platforms lack that I don't know how I functioned without before.”

—Photographers can sign up for Pic-Time and receive an extra two free months with an upgrade to a paid plan by visiting pic-time.com/rangefinder. (Offer valid until June 6, 2018.)