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Backdrops 101: A Guide to Seamless Paper Backgrounds [Video]

November 10, 2017

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Nothing makes portraits pop quite like the perfect backdrop. If you're shooting in studio, on location or even at home, backdrops can transform a shoot and make your clients or subjects stand out. Whether you're creating portraits, fashion shots, filming interviews or even photographing still lifes, backdrops provide a cost-effective solution to achieving professional-quality results.

How do you find the right backdrop for your needs? Between colors, sizes, textures, etc., there's no shortage of options, so backdrop manufacturer Savage Universal is simplifying the buying experience. In the video below, the company discusses the many variations of seamless background paper, including size options, maintenance tips and best techniques for creating professional-quality, smooth and stylish backgrounds for all kinds of creative projects. Ready to step up your game? Check out the video and visit Savage Universal for buying options.

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