RF Wedding of the Week: Davina + Daniel Take Houston

March 12, 2014

By RF Staff

Canadian-born husband-and-wife photo tag-team Davina + Daniel are favorites around our office, not only for their general adorability but also for their sophisticated photography style.

Davina+Daniel 20131110_0017Captured this past January at The Corinthian church in downtown Houston, this wedding perfectly illustrates the drama and gravity of a religious ceremony, juxtaposed with the hair-down, let-loose fun of the reception. "[The bride] described her family as good Catholics who 'pray hard and party hard,'" say D+D. "Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to see how this would play out on their wedding day."

Davina+Daniel 20131109_0008 Davina+Daniel 20131110_0019 Davina+Daniel 20131109_0005Davina+Daniel 20131109_0006Gear used to photograph this wedding included: Nikon D4 bodies; 35mm f/2, 60mm f/2.8 macro, 85mm f/1.8, and Sigma 150mm f/2.8 macro lenses; Nikon SB-900 flashes and a Switronix Torch LED video light.

Davina+Daniel 20131110_0030 Davina+Daniel 20131110_0034 Davina+Daniel 20131110_0033Were there any challenges in photographing this wedding? You betcha.

"The couple, Michelle and Renzo, wanted a late, black tie, evening wedding, so everything happened after the sun had already set," Daniel explains. "When we arrived to photograph them getting ready, the light was fading outside, so we had to deal with less than ideal lighting situations, something we’re used to for receptions, but it's very challenging when it’s the entire day. We focused on little pockets of light, and slices within our locations that would give us interesting photos."

Davina+Daniel 20131109_0003Davina+Daniel 20131109_0004Another obstacle: "The church was also very strict on photographers, so we had to quickly figure out the best angles to cover everything, since we knew we couldn’t move during the actual ceremony," says Daniel.

Davina+Daniel 20131109_0012All in all, D+D worked with what they had and it made for some seriously moving imagery.

Davina+Daniel 20131110_0025 Davina+Daniel 20131110_0024Davina+Daniel 20131110_0026 Davina+Daniel 20131110_0023Davina+Daniel 20131110_0027

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