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Windy City Weather Win, By Christopher Foltz [Rf Wedding of the Week]

September 8, 2016

By RF Staff

For Kasey and David's ceremony and reception, at Galleria Marchetti in Chicago, Christopher Foltz says that when it comes to the windy city,  you never know what you are going to get in terms of weather. "It had been a dry summer but on Kasey and David's day, the sky showed some mood," the Michigan-based shooter explains. "There was a 'chance' of rain all day and that always can be a worry, especially with doing photos before the ceremony and reception, wanting my bride and groom to look their best when seeing their guests. The rain held out, thankfully, but the best part of days like these for me are the clouds and the sky. I personally think it really adds to the day."

Kasey & David-1

All Photos © Christopher Foltz

This wedding was actually more relaxed than most, Foltz adds, "especially doing portraits in a few parts of Chicago where traffic can really make it hard on a timeline thanks to the bride and groom's great planning. One of the locations was a new popular rooftop bar right on the Chicago river, so working around the crowd, who were excited to be a part of the day, can always be a challenge. We were lucky to grab a big open area to do some portraits while the bridal party enjoyed a cocktail."

Kasey & David-3 Kasey & David-6 Kasey & David-7 Kasey & David-10 Kasey & David-12Kasey & David-15Kasey & David-4Kasey & David-5Kasey & David-16"They loved my vivid portraits, which is why I love shooting in the city," Foltz says. "Incorporating the couple into the skyline and showing city life is such a great challenge, since you want them to stand out but you also want to capture the full scene. Kasey and David are such a fun couple to work with because they know how to enjoy themselves and not let the sometimes-stressful day get to them. You can definitely see it in their photographs."

Kasey & David-17  As for favorite images from the day, Foltz says he and the bride had similar opinions. "The most obvious one is the first look of the bride as she descends toward her groom. Kasey and David came up with the stairwell, which is in downtown Chicago but not trafficked often. I knew I could get high from across the street, and with the afternoon light shining from the west. It is my all-time favorite first look photo I have taken. The other favorites, especially from the groom, was of the couple crossing the street—as David says, it looks like he is Kasey's security. The other is the free lens shot of the couple in front of the skyline with the large bokeh and sharp areas."

Kasey & David-21 Kasey & David-24 Kasey & David-25Kasey & David-28 Kasey & David-29 Kasey & David-30 Kasey & David-31Kasey & David-38Kasey & David-39Kasey & David-46 Kasey & David-47 Kasey & David-51 Kasey & David-53Kasey & David-73 Kasey & David-74 Kasey & David-81 Kasey & David-82 Kasey & David-86 Kasey & David-90 Kasey & David-100 Kasey & David-101 Kasey & David-116 Kasey & David-119 Kasey & David-120 Kasey & David-131 Kasey & David-143

Cameras: Nikon D5 and D810
Lenses: Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, Nikon 85mm f1.4, and a broken Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 for free lensing
Flash: Nikon SB5000 (x2)

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