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Vancouver Vows, By Justine Boulin

April 6, 2017

By Jacqueline Tobin

When it comes to weddings, Canadian photographer Justine Boulin says her favorite way to photograph is by "simply documenting what is." She adds, "I don't want to photograph perfection. No family, couple or wedding is perfect. I want to photograph what's real. Real stories, real relationships and real personalities—the perfectly imperfect." For couple Andrew and Claire, that meant an intimate gathering with family and friends at Spuraway Lodge in West Vancouver.

All photos © Justine Boulin Photography

While the weather was a bit dreary, it cleared up for a bit in the afternoon, Boulin says, "so we were able to go outside and get photos of everyone. Inside the lodge was a tad dark, so I had to push my ISO a bit more then I would have liked, but I would prefer that over using flash all day, which I think takes away from the feel of how the day actually was."

"Claire was pretty much my ideal bride," Boulin says. "She let me do my thing, wasn't into posing at all (I promised her no more then 20 minutes for photos of her and Andrew), and the photos ended up really reflecting the feel of the day. I loved all the little moments throughout the day and really capturing the relationship not just between the two of them but all their closest friends and family."


Some of Boulin's favorite parts of day included the speeches and toasts later on in the evening. "I loved the long table and how intimate it was. Capturing the bride and groom's expressions and the love they were surrounded by was so inspiring."

At the end of the night, the bride and groom were blissfully happy, and when Claire received the images, she told Boulin: "You captured so many wonderful little moments. I can't wait to go through them again and again!"

Cameras: Nikon 750 and 800
Lenses: 35mm, 85mm
Lighting: Ambient

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