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Top 10 RF Weddings of the Week 2014

December 23, 2014

By RF Staff

It's almost the new year, and our staff was like, "Hey! I wonder which of our Weddings of the Week from this year you people liked the most?" Here are the Top 10 Weddings of 2014 based on page views—play it again for the first time.

#1 A Stylish Orthodox Ceremony by Shira Weinberger

Traditionnnnn, Tradition! Give us a chuppah and glass to break, and we're right there, doing the horah with Lily and Pesach.


Photo © Shira Weinberger

#2 Desert Nuptials By Hiram Trillo

Emotion was everything for Christy and Jasen at their Phoenix wedding, inspired by old Hollywood.

Photo © Hiram Trillo

Photo © Hiram Trillo

#3 Vintage-Style Wedding in Estonia (!) by Stina Kase

Coming straight outta Tallinn with bicycles and VSCO actions, Elis and Ergo get cozy in this Estonian manor.

Photo © Stina Kase

Photo © Stina Kase

#4 A French Wedding Filled with Family Memories by Thierry Joubert

Pouvez-vous dire magnifique? Julia and Pierre's indoor/outdoor nuptials in La Turballe, France will leave you in a very French state of mind.

Photo © Thierry Jourbert

Photo © Thierry Jourbert

#5 Tec Petaja Shoots Lifestyle Photographer Justin Chung in Carmel 

Justin shoots lifestyle. Tec shoots Justin (on film!). Justin loves Emily. We love Tec (and Justin, Emily and Holman Ranch)—just see for yourself.

Photo © Tec Petaja

Photo © Tec Petaja

#6 Davina + Daniel Take Houston

See what the most adorable Canadians in wedding photography history can really do at a this Catholic wedding.

Davina+Daniel 20131110_0033

Photo © Davina + Daniel

#7 There Will Be Props—Mauro Cantelmi Photography

He's the Aussie veteran whose found his niche with props and extensive set-ups; James and Megan's Melbourne extravaganza says it all.

Photo © Dezine by Mauro

Photo © Dezine by Mauro

#8 A True Backyard Wedding by Jennifer Tai

Shoes are optional, but friends, food and toasts are necessary at the at-home ceremony of Brenna and Andy.

Photo © Jennifer Tai

Photo © Jennifer Tai

#9 Where Lifestyle Meets Wedding by Caroline Petters

McKenzie and Parker's Atlanta event is Modern Bride meets Southern Living (and so much more).


Photo © Caroline Petters

#10 An Antique Roadshow by Violet Short

If you can take this much Victorianism and still function in a modern world, we highly suggest this union between Maria and Sangbin.


Photo © Violet Short

Check back for a slew of new weddings in 2015, and as always, feel free to submit one—we'd love to get you published!