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A (Rainy) Scottish Hilltop Ceremony by Lynne Kennedy [RF Wedding of the Week]

April 29, 2015

By RF Staff

When was the last time you watched a union solidified over a Scottish tartan and bottle of single malt scotch?

Thus is the beauty of a rainy hilltop ceremony in Fiscavaig on the Isle of Skye, shot by Scotland-based Lynne Kennedy.


All Photos © Lynne Kennedy

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"I live in a very scenic part of Scotland where people want to come to get married, so I often don’t meet folk until the wedding day and this was the case with Alex and Jules," Kennedy says.

"Although I only spent a couple of hours with them to photograph the ceremony, they were such a joy to be around. The connection between them was intense. You just knew, looking at them and being there as they made their commitment to each other, that this was real, true, love. It was an incredibly romantic ceremony and one of my favorites ever."

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Of course, the biggest challenge of the day was the rainy weather.

"As the bridal party and guests came up the hill it started raining lightly but part way into the ceremony it had become quite heavy," says Kennedy. "I had no special gadgets for keeping the cameras dry and eventually my lens clothes were sodden from wiping so much of it off the lenses. Also, because we were at the edge of the top of the hill, I wasn’t able to move around quite as freely as I might normally be able to, so angles were more limited."

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Thankfully this wasn't an issue for the bride and groom: "There was no stressing about getting wet—they just went totally with the flow," Kennedy says. "To them that was all part of the atmosphere of a Skye wedding. (The Isle of Skye is also known as ’The Misty Isle’)."

outlander-wedding-086outlander-wedding-085Getting soggy and wet that day were two Canon 5D Mark IIs; Kennedy's beloved Canon 135mm f2 lens; along with a Canon 35mm f1.4 and Canon 85mm f1.8. "Sadly missing was some sort of rain protector gadget which might have prevented the hefty repair bill from wet weather damage!"


 To see more of Lynne Kennedy's lovely Scottish weddings, visit her website.

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