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RF Wedding of the Week: Wellington, New Zealand Wedding Photography by Kate MacPherson

October 30, 2013

By RF Staff

I met New Zealand wedding photographer Kate MacPherson in 2009 during a workshop we attended in Poitiers, France, by the illustrious Elizabeth Messina. There were about 35 of us on hand and what I loved most about the experience is that I got to befriend some of the kindest, most talented photographers from around the world. Kate is one of them. She recently gave birth to a sweet baby girl, Mia, but that didn't stop her from rounding up some amazing images from a wedding she photographed in Wellington, New Zealand.

NZPhotographer017All Photos © Kate MacPherson

"Daisy and Dave were married at Boomrock, one of the most beautiful places in the world," says Kate. "It's set on a cliff, surrounded by rugged farmland and the views are gobsmackingly good. 
Right from the start they said to me to just shoot it as I see it, which to a photographer sounds like bliss. It means I had some freedom to really catch details that might otherwise be missed."

NZPhotographer0651NZPhotographer016"I knew Daisy's dress (designed by Sally Eagle) would be gorgeous and it suited her completely. She's got style that's for sure."

NZPhotographer001"I shot it mainly in a documentary style with only a tiny bit of direction for the portraits...pretty much how I shoot most weddings. And Daisy and Dave were so easy going, the whole experience was great from start to finish."

NZPhotographer039NZPhotographer040NZPhotographer020"Their wedding was full of lovely things, great people, beautiful surroundings and delicious food, along with a few unusual  extras, like a blind tasting of the main entree (hence the eye masks in some of the images), claybird shooting and golf."

NZPhotographer044NZPhotographer0911NZPhotographer1061NZPhotographer1031See more of Kate MacPherson's wedding photography here.

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